Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My New TpT Products: January 2013, Pt. 2

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I am a seller at Teachers Pay Teachers and am going to blog about my newest products twice a month. Today, I am going to tell you about my two newest products.

My first product is called Alphabet Sudoku. It is a packet of  worksheets featuring a 4x4 Sudoku puzzle. Instead of numbers, I used letters. The packet comes with instructions, 6 uppercase puzzles, 6 lowercase puzzles, 1 mixed case puzzle, 1 blank puzzle for you to enter your own letters and an answer key. It is for ages 5-7. Price: $3.00

My second product is called Valentine's Day: Facts and Activities. It is a packet full of information and activities for Valentine's Day. It is for ages 5-7. Price: $2.50
Included in packet:
  • History/Facts Learn a little about the holiday.
  • Decorate a Heart Color and decorate a heart.
  • Where’s My Twin? Find the picture that matches and color the page.
  • Valentine Story A story told with four pictures and four sentences. Practice sequencing, reading or listening, and cutting as well as coloring.
  • Valentine Card Cut out a card, decorate and give to someone you love.
  • Follow the Directions Color and draw hearts while following the directions.
  • Finish the Heart Only half of a heart has been drawn, finish drawing the heart and decorate it.
  • My Valentine Story Write and draw about your favorite Valentine’s Day.
  • Valentine Sudoku Two 4x4 Sudoku puzzles with objects instead of numbers.
  • Valentine Coupons Four coupons for children to fill out for anything, a hug, doing a chore without being asked, one hour of a quiet activity, or anything else.
  • Valentine Poems A few poems to read aloud as a class.
  • Instructions and Suggested Uses
There you go! My two newest products. Be sure to check them out and look for my next post next month!

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